Bigg Boss 5 Telugu: Is Kajal deliberately doing that in the case of Sunny?

The eviction free pass task is running in Bigg Boss House. As part of this, two housemates must board the fire engine truck whenever the alarm goes off. They see photos of two housemates burning in a burning house. From then on they should only be safe with one consensus. Who is saving by telling Manas, the director and captain, the proper reasons for that? Housemates have to say who is burning. Ravi and Shanmuk were sitting in the fire truck when the first alarm went off. They found photos of Sriram and Manas. First Shanmuk told Ravi to give this pass to Manas as Manas is weaker than Shriram.

But, Ravi said to look at the tasks, according to the performance, to make it safe for Shriram to give pass only to them. Shanmuk, who has been convincing for a long time, saved Shriram. Manas was burned. After that Sunny and Manas both got on the truck and burned Ravini and saved the animator. Shanmuk then got a chance to board another Siri truck. Here are the photos of Sunny and Pinky. They both burned Pinky and saved Sunny. When Shriram and Animaster boarded the truck, Shanmuk was burnt and Siri was saved. It was here that Siri and Shanmuk both said that we would respect public voting and that it would be up to them whether it was safe or eliminated.

High drama ensued when Kajal and Pinky both boarded the truck. This is where the photos of Siri and Shriram came from. Pinky tells Kajal to save Siri just to save Shriram. The two argued for a long time. Does Siri say I do not want an eviction pass .. then why give it, said Pinky. Pinky took Siri’s words very seriously in this regard. But, Pinky said that the nominations from jail had saved her then and now it was pay back time. With this they both burned Shriram. After that Pinky and the animator both went unanimously and made Sunny safe. The two had an argument here for a long time. In fact both of them wanted to burn.

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