Bigg Boss 5 Telugu: Do you know why the original Shanmukki Siriki is bad ..?

The captaincy task is going on in the Bigg Boss House. As part of this, Bigg Boss gave you the task of making your house gold. Go down to the gold mines and pick up the gold and store it in the cases given to them by all the housemates. Those who gain access to the Power Room when the Power Thunder rings will receive exclusive power. When the first buzzer rings, Big Boss gives another challenge to the two who have the most gold balls. Those who win in that challenge will become captaincy contenders. It was here that Siri Shanmuk both got into the mood. On the one hand the participants were playing the task while the emotional task ran between the two.

In fact an argument took place between the two before the task started. Shanmuk gave advice while analyzing the Siri game. This time Sunny called Annayya and said I will see how he slaps you then. In addition, Force said that there is a problem to go straight to the face. This is where Siri will play my game. After that when the task started Siriki Shanmuk advised. When the first buzzer comes I will give you my gold balls said Participate. Ravi also suggested the same thing. The more the two of you put more balls together.

Then the captaincy said could there be competitors. This is where Siri Shanmuk’s words hurt. The two clashed as usual. Shanmuk sitting on the bed is irritated to see your face. Shanmuk shouted at Siri and told him to get out of here. With this, Siri broke down. Well suffered. However, there were Sunny Nominations then who laughed and enjoyed what everyone was imitating. It was here that Shanmuk was badly burned. Siri once again talked about the game saying that if you do this you will be reduced. You are proving to be a double face. “Don’t be with me, forget me and get out of here,” Shammuk said.

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