Bigg Boss 5 Telugu: Do you know who became the captain of the house in the 13th week ..?

In the Bigg Boss House a task called the Dictator Mate Legislation is underway. As part of this everyone is playing the game sincerely to become captaincy competitors. They are also participating in the challenges given by Bigg Boss. However, now only Ravi, Siri, Shanmuk and Priyanka are left. It seems that both Priyanka and Siri have dropped out of the race after playing First Challenges here. The rest of Ravi and Shanmuk will have a chance to become captains by voting for the housemates.

As part of this, Shanmuk was chosen by all the members of the family together. It seems that Sriram was the only one who stood by Ravi Side and the rest of the house members Siri, Manas, Priyanka, Sunny and Kajal cast their votes for Shanmuk. In fact Sunny has said this before. At the end he said that the voting should come because of the members of the house and then he should become the captain. The family members checked Ravi as expected.

However, here Sriram became a different gamer by supporting Ravi. With this, Shanmuk became the captain of the house for the 13th week and gained immunity for the next week. The train task is running at Bigg Boss House. Part of it seems to be that the family members of the contestants met. Information that sent them straight into the house rather than through the glass door as in the last season. Bigg Boss is going to cultivate emotions for TRP in this episode.

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