Bigg Boss 5 Telugu: Do you know what Ravi said while being eliminated ..?

The 12th week elimination at Bigg Boss House was a thrill for everyone. When Kajal and Ravi were the only ones left, the housemates calculated. “If Sunny says she will use the eviction free pass for Kajal, I will respect the public decision,” Kajal said. There was an argument between the two for a while. King Nagarjuna then asked Sunny who he was using the eviction free pass for and told Kajal to pass it on to Kajal.

But, Kajal was exceptionally safe with public voting. Ravi was eliminated. The audience along with the housemates were shocked when Ravi was eliminated. Ravini was sent out of the house in tears. Ravi who came up on stage told Nagarjuna that this was not what I expected at all. I thought it would be a few more weeks, he said I respect it because it was an audience decision. Looking at his journey in Big Boss was emotional.

Ravi played a game called Who will pass and who will fail in the house. He put Shanmuk first and told me that I had found a brother. It was here that Shanmuk apologized if anything went wrong with him. Ravi dared Shanmuk to say that you will be the winner if I leave.

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