Bigg Boss 5 Telugu: Do you know what Pinky will do if she wins 50 lakhs ..?

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 has announced Grand Prize Money this time. As usual, along with Rs 50 lakh prize money, Suvarnabhumi is also gifting a 300-yard flat on their behalf to build a house. When Nagarjuna announced this on stage, all the housemates were overjoyed. They told me what they would do if they won 50 lakhs each. First Pinky says what she would do if she won 50 lakhs. While saying that I want to build a house for my parents, I have been hoping to be called Amma since I was a child,

But the bank said it would not adopt the sin unless there was a balance, and now would show this money and definitely adopt a sin. Sriram Chandra said that I came to this show to win the hearts of the Telugu audience and that money is a bonus. He said that so far we have been staying in the same old house and have to build a house if this prize money comes. Ravi said he would use the money to study Via before he was eliminated. Not only that, he said he also had to put up a production house.

Kajal, on the other hand, said she had Rs 30 lakh then to settle it. Not only that, she says she wants to build an old age home in Suvarnakutir. Sunny said he would sell all the money he got. Not only that, Nagarjuna also said that he wanted to put up a salon with Gary Inspiration. Manas said he would set up a production house with the money he got and anchor Young Talent. Shanmuk said he would give half the money to the seller who is raising two adopted children.

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