Bigg Boss 5 Telugu: Do you know what actually happened in the 12th week nominations ..!

Nominations heat up for the 12th week in a row at Bigg Boss House. As part of the nominations two family members should be nominated by placing pots near the effigies, breaking them and giving appropriate reasons about them. In this, First Ravi nominated Sunny for not doing his duties properly. Also, Kajal was nominated by Bigg Boss for not asking you to write a question, asking why my name was involved in the middle. Priyanka then nominated Shanmuk and Siri and said reasons. Here is a big argument for Siriki and Priyanka. Shanmuk nominated Ravini saying that you are not right as captain and I do not think it is correct even as director.

He also planned for Kajal to write the question. This is where the real drama begins. The house has been heating up ever since Sriram Chandra started nominations. Nominating First Sunny, Hat said he did not want you to steal from me. Not only that, he said I missed you in the game. Sunny Solid countered this. He said that your game was not played properly, there were many rounds but you did not try to catch the original hat. It was here that the word of mouth for both grew. He also said that after getting the power axis and the power tool, you read it and gave it to Ravi as if you did not know what it was, saying that it was your game.

Also, Sunny Ravi was also involved saying that the director said that I will give him power without reading, that is how Istav. There was a heated argument between the two. He then nominated Shriram Kajal and argued that he did not like your decision in the eviction free pass and did not like the intention to burn both. Here Kajal says that she played the game like this to give to Sunny as clear. The two argued for a long time on the matter. The Animaster in the middle was also dragged into it. Sunny asked Sriram if he knew beforehand that the Animaster was leaving. How can you say that you are a strong player.

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