Bigg Boss 5 Telugu: Did Shanmuk put this word in Priyanka Burra earlier?

Nominations were made at Bigg Boss House with a very cool 13th week football kick. One nominee nailed the ball outside the gate. All the members of the household except Captain Shanmuk and Sunny were nominated. However, a lot of things were talked about by the Housemates before the nominations. As usual, Kajal has started predicting who will be in the nominations this week. See who will nominate Sunny. It is here that Shanmuk was seen talking to Priyanka several times. Sunny, Kajal and Manas are all in a dilemma as to who you can nominate, what they can do for you, and start to inflate their feeling of being unpredictable.

Moreover, Kajal hinted that she could also be nominated on a community point. As soon as the nominations process started, Shanmuk nominated Kajal for the post. That’s a very big word, I’m nominated not to speak such big words on such platforms. Kajal has been arguing on the matter for a long time. Subsequent Pinky wasted no time telling Bigg Boss how to nominate her without a reason. Bigg Boss nominated Sirini and Kajal under the wrong circumstances with a warning. Whatever the community called Kajal brought up the point in the dictatorial task that the community nominated with that point.

After the Pinky nominations, it became a tough argument for Manas and Shriram. Again, they have been arguing with each other since the first week, and now they are arguing with the same point and nominating each other. Kajal later said that the word community was not a misnomer and that a group was called a community. I was reminded that bringing it up was not that timing was correct but that it was for the better. That said it is not correct to look in a magnifying glass that you are wrong. Kajal nominated Sirini and Priyanka. With this, a total of five nominations came in this week.

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