Bigg Boss 5 Telugu: Did Kajal’s husband give them hints in the house ..!

Just like every season at Bigg Boss House, Bigg Boss started the game with family members this season as well. It is known that family members of Allready Housemates were kept in the quarantine. As part of this, Kajal’s husband Vijay and Papa entered the house together. Last year due to the corona the glass door was kept inside and talking to the family members, this time the housemates were sent straight inside. It was here that Kajal’s husband came in, including Papa, at the moment of freezing in the train task as part of the Housemates BB Express task.

Kajal came to Kajal in the freezer and cried when she touched the baby. Papa was also upset to see her mother. Became emotional. After that the housemates all talked for a while with sin. Power star Pawan Kalyan has said that if someone nominates your mummy, it means anger. Especially when Ravi asked if Nena and Sriram were Antena, the Animaster answered and then said it was a joke. Kajal’s husband and baby have been in the house for a long time. Her husband Vijay told Kajal that you only come to play the game and remember to do something and come out.

Also talking to Papa Kajal she said if you want to be in the top 5 then play the game with good moves from here then I will be happy. After that Kajal talked to Sunny and Manas for a while and it seemed that her husband gave some hints. Indirectly he said that if you need help you should go ahead and then go into the top 5. He said that good friendship is being carried out now and stick to it as well. Their friendship turned out to be as good as the hints given.

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