Bigg Boss 15: Users furious after seeing the use of coffin for elimination, got angry like this

The makers are leaving no chance to make the 15th season of ‘Bigg Boss’ a hit and improve its TRP. He is bringing twist and new changes one after the other in the show. Not only this, there have been some wild card entries in ‘Bigg Boss 15’ recently. But recently something happened in the show, after which the anger of the audience has erupted badly. The makers recently released the promo of ‘Bigg Boss 15’, in which one of the contestants who came in bottom 6 (bottom 6 of Bigg Boss 15) had to be eliminated. But for this elimination task, the makers used coffin and this thing has gone awry for the audience. He did not like this idea at all and he is taking out a lot of anger on social media. Seeing this promo, a user has commented, ‘What was the need to use Coffin? This is not a good sign. Dead people are carried in coffins and this is very objectionable. Another user wrote, ‘In difficult times, when diseases and deaths have spread all over the world, there such a theme is even more scary. Has creativity died along with originality?’ Another user wrote that it is not good to put someone in the coffin while they are alive. The makers should be ashamed. Read the reaction of users here: Let us tell you that in ‘Bigg Boss 15’, media persons selected the bottom-6 contestants on behalf of the audience, including the names of Simba Nagpal, Umar Riaz, Vishal Kotian, Jai Bhanushali, Neha Bhasin and Rajiv Adatia. Of these, Simba Nagpal has been made homeless. The makers used the coffin to evict him.

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