Bigg Boss 15: These celebs including Rashmi Desai made wild card entry, Shamita got angry on Nishant

This week in ‘Bigg Boss 15’ Shamita Shetty will return in ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’. Shamita had gone out of the show a few days back due to a medical emergency. But in this ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’, where Salman Khan announces his return, he also gives him a chance to do ‘Bibi Ki Adalat’ session. In this, Shamita calls Nishant Bhatt in the courtroom and attacks him. Shamita asks Nishant whether game is important for him or relationship? When Nishant says that relationship is important for him, Shamita gets furious and says that his actions speak more than his words. She says, ‘You have walked over us.’ After this, Salman says that if he was in his bus, he would have called everyone in the dock. After this, Salman announces that after the next 48 hours, while the top-5 contestants of the show will be announced, all the remaining members will be out. Hearing this, the senses of all the family members fly away.


3 wild card entries
In this ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ there will be 3 wild card entries in ‘Bigg Boss 15’. These are Rashmi Desai, Devoleena Bhattacharjee and Abhijeet Bichukale. Soon after, Abhishek clashed with Rashmi and Devoleena. He said for Neha Bhasin that he has less sanskar. Hearing this, when Devoleena tells Abhishek that why has he come again to such a place where there are less sanskars? So he says that he has come to heal everyone. Now it has to be seen that after this new twist and wild card entry, what will happen in ‘Bigg Boss 15’.

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