Bigg Boss 15: Rashmi Desai and Rakhi Sawant fight, both became enemies of each other on this comment

Two RJs came to ()’s house and they talked to all the members one by one in the house. During this, there was an atmosphere of laughter and jokes. At the same time, during the talks between RJ and the family members, Prateek Sahajpal tells that Rashmi Desai once told Rakhi Sawant’s entertainment to be cheap. Rakhi Sawant gets irritated on this. After leaving RJ’s house, there is a fierce fight after Rakhi Sawant and Rashmi Desai. Rakhi Sawant cries and tells her to throw him out of the house because his entertainment is cheap. She tells Rashmi Desai to stop the chuckle. She says that Rashmi Desai always makes fights between others. Rakhi Sawant tells them to look at their faces in the mirror and spit on them. Rakhi Sawant further says that she describes his entertainment as cheap while she is equal to his shoe. Rakhi Sawant cries incessantly and Tejashwi Prakash explains to her that she says entertainment the most. Everyone tells Rashmi Desai that she is crying, then she says that she should also cry. Seeing Rashmi Desai getting angry, Karan Kundra takes her away from there. At the same time, Rakhi Sawant does not take the name of silence and then Shamita Shetty explains to her. Shamita Shetty tries to clear the misunderstanding between the two. She tells Rashmi Desai whether she wants to be friends with Rakhi Sawant or not. To this she says that she is equally hurt. In the end, both Rakhi Sawant and Rashmi Desai hug each other and apologize. Let us inform that the finale week of Bigg Boss 15 is going on. There are 7 contestants left in the house, including Shamita Shetty, Nishant Bhatt, Prateek Sahajpal, Karan Kundra, Tejashwi Prakash, Rashmi Desai and Rakhi Sawant. But now one of these contestants will soon be homeless, which will be decided by the audience. For this, some people will enter the house of Bigg Boss who will question and answer with the contestants.

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