Bigg Bodd 5 Telugu: This is what happened in the captaincy task ..!

The 11th week of the captaincy task at Bigg Boss House turned out to be very interesting. It is known that Manas and Pinky played the balloon task as first captaincy contenders. Pinky became the first contestant to inflate more balloons. After that Siriki Manas became the second contestant due to her support. It is said that Animaster came here as the third contestant.

Winning the Challenge to the Animaster and becoming the third captaincy contender. On the other hand, it is said that Manas was selected as the fourth participant and in fact Kajal should have been given this opportunity and why he gave up. Manas is the winner of the captaincy task between the four. Manas says he has always wanted to be a captain and now it is happening. It seems that Siri has been selected as the ration manager.

Manas is said to have become the captain in collaboration with the Housemates. Talk is heard that once again in the task Sunny has a clash with Manas and there is a small clash between the two friends. T-shirts label Lolli also seems to have rejected the fact that he ran for a long time in the house and did not even want to give Sunny another power in the game. However, it is interesting how Sunny ended the game.

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