Big shock to sunny in bigboss

Big shock to sunny in bigboss
Big shock to sunny in bigboss

Right now the game at Bigg Boss House has become juicy. Top-5 Analysis in particular has become an unpredictable situation. There is a chance that any of the current contestants will also be eliminated.

Who exactly will be in the game for the next two to three weeks? Who will leave is an unpredictable situation. However, it remains to be seen for whom the eviction pass that came to Sunny here will be used. If Kajal is still in the nominations at the end of Pinky this week it will be a waste if Sunny Pass is used.

Otherwise, if he wants to give Bigg Boss a twist next week, Manas will still keep Kajal until Lost. Which of them should use the pass and which should not be used is likely to be put to the test.Even if Sunny and Kajal are expected to be in the elimination process next week, it will be interesting to see if the two will use it for themselves if the nominations get lost. If Kajal is safe at this time, she will be in the top 5.

If he wins with support in the Race to Final Task. Then the male contestants Manas and Ravi are in the danger zone. However, it looks like Bigg Boss is going to give Sunny a twist right here.Manas and Kajal will both be in the elimination process next week and will definitely fall into the soup if they ask for a pass. It will be difficult to guess even if you carefully realize who will be eliminated and say this.Hence, now there are doubts as to whether Sunny is going to face the ordeal. However, it is interesting to note who Sunny uses the eviction free pass for. Thats the matter.

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