Bhandla Ganesh Hero Toy Ready .. Eagle Babji Release Date Fix

Bandla Ganesh started his career with side characters and grew step by step to become a blockbuster producer. And now he has become a hero. The upcoming movie called Eagle Babji starring Bandla Ganesh is coming. Babji is the first single on the Telugu screen to make a film with a single actor. In the same place, in the same location, only one person appears throughout the film. And there are other characters in this movie..and only their voices are heard but people are not visible.

It is known that the National Award winning Tamil film ‘Utta Siruppu Size 7’ is being remade in Telugu as Eagle Babji. Introducing Venkat Chandra as the director … Produced by Swathi Chandra under the banner of Yash Rishi Films and presented by Rishi Agastya, the film is all set to release on May 20 as a grand release.

On this occasion Hero Bandla Ganesh said that making a movie a character for two hours in a room is very risky. Director Venkat Chandra said that he put such a story on my shoulders and did it with me. Dheema expressed that this film will really give meaning to my life.

He hoped that after this movie I would get good respect from the audience. He said that I have been waiting for this respect for 30 years. Music director Linus said he gave excellent music, re-recording.

Bandla Ganesh says that he is very happy that I am making the national award winning film “Utta Siruppu Size 7” in Telugu for Parthiban’s excellent performance in Tamil. Director Puri Jagannath, who released the trailer and poster in support of their film, thanked Harish Shankar.

Bandla Ganesh said that he hopes that everyone will support and bless this movie which is coming on May 20. Shekhar movie starring Rajasekhar is also coming on May 20. The film is directed by Jeevita Rajasekhar.