Believe it or not, you have been deceived .. Saif Comments!

Saif Ali Khan has become a star hero in Bollywood. He has also been seen in villain roles in recent times. While acting in movies on the one hand .. on the other hand this star is busy with web series. That he lost his money in a property deal .. The comments made by this hero are now going viral. He lamented that he had lost almost seventy per cent of his earnings because of this.

Saif Ali Khan starrer ‘Bunty Aur Bubbly-2’ will be released soon. With this, film promotions started. Saif was interviewed by Bollywood actress Rani Mukherjee on the occasion. In the order, he said, “I have invested in a real estate company to buy a plot of land in Mumbai. The company has cheated me that the money will double in three years.”

He said he lost everything he earned in the scam, invested almost 70 per cent in the deal, and later realized he had been deceived. But he explained that it took a long time to recover from the scam.

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