Before the shooting is over! .. Suresh Babu Clarity on ‘Virataparvam’

Rana, everyone knows how much speculation there is on the upcoming movie in combination. Until then the content came from Virat Parvam and impressed everyone. The songs, the teaser, the posters all hooked everyone up like this. Virat Parvam has made everyone look forward to the movie. But Virat Parvam should have been released sometime. But was repeatedly postponed due to corona. The film has already received a few hundred rumors. There has been countless air news on the film’s release. The news that it will be released on OTT continues to be denied by the directorial producers. He also countered with the recent arrival of a similar talk. The counters asked who would write such news. However, he has recently responded to the release of the film. Virat Parvam shooting is not over yet .. Dates are not adjusted .. There are still five days of shooting .. Rana and the rest of the artists’ dates are yet to be finalized .. All should be planned .. I am not the only producer for this film .. There are other people too .. Together we will decide on the release of the film. He said all the movies are also in line till March. That is not to say that a decision on the release of Virat Parvam will be taken after March. Priyamani, Nandita Das and Niveda Pethuraj will be seen in the lead roles in the upcoming film directed by Venu Udugala. Suresh Bobbili provided the wonderful music.

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