Bandla Ganesh: I will not drink water from one’s elbow .. it is okay with anyone .. Bandla Ganesh sensational comments – bandla ganesh on relation with tollywood heroes


  • Bandla Ganesh on film production
  • Comment on Relationship with Heroes
  • The elbow is as fussy as drinking water

Bandla Ganesh Business style is not understood by anyone so quickly. When and how .. I can not imagine what kind of comments. Ganesh, who had been away from politics till earlier, now seems to be sprouting again in his mind. He also said that his whole life was about movies and politics. But no one can say when Bandla Ganesh will do what. So now it seems that his decisions have changed.

In the meantime, I am going to make a movie with Pawan Kalyan once .. Bandla Ganesh said that my God has given me another chance. But now he says he’s not going to ask. Kharakhandi says that the original has no intention of making films now. Apart from that he talked about the relationship with the heroes.

Heroes should be worshiped as gods .. If they are good, the movie will be good .. He said at the beginning that everyone will be good. In the middle he said that the hero is like a god. Gods watch me if I make movies .. otherwise no .. my life is not a movie .. movie is a part of my life. I have a lot of work to do ..

As a child, my father told me a word. I will go to Hyderabad, said my father. Amma told me to go for something. At that time my father said a word. If you go, go .. Get a good name .. If you can, drink tap water but do not drink only one elbow water, he said. I follow the same. If someone loves me, I will love him again .. If he hates me, I will hate him too .. Bandla Ganesh said that it is okay for anyone.

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