Bandla Ganesh: God Pawan.. Dollar Seshadri Guruji.. Fan Reactions on Bandla Ganesh’s Post

Bandla Ganesh: God Pawan.. Dollar Seshadri Guruji.. Fan Reactions on Bandla Ganesh’s Post
Bandla Ganesh became a star producer at one stage after producing a blockbuster movie like ‘Gabbar Singh’ with Power Star Pawan Kalyan. But now the situation has changed. No hero dares to give her dates. It is not known what are the reasons behind this, but it seems that Ganesh, who is known as a Veera devotee of Pawan, is now distant from him. Pawan’s speech at the audio function of every film starring Pawan was not invited to the pre-release event of the movie ‘Bheemla Nayak’. But an audio call in which Ganesh said that Guruji (Trivikram) was the reason for this came out and went viral. In this background, the distance between him and Pawan has increased. Meanwhile, Pawan Kalyan’s reply to a fan’s recent tweet tagging Bandlanna is going viral.

Actually, Bandla Ganesh has been trying to get close to Pawan again for some time. But it seems from his recent tweets that some forces are obstructing him. In this background, a Pawan fan tweeted, ‘Anna, Pawan, don’t stay away from me with your misunderstandings.. People like you are the only relief for a person who is fighting alone.. I will meet you when I get time.. Many close friends have distanced themselves because they could not understand him.. Don’t be like that’. He tagged Bandlanna. Bandla retweeted this post.. ‘Our God is good. But the problem is with dollar Seshadri. What shall we do, brother!’ He gave an indirect reply.

However, everyone knows that the god mentioned by Bandla Ganesh in his tweet is ‘Pawan Kalyan’. And who is this dollar Seshadri? Netizens are commenting. A user tweeted, ‘Priest Nadendla or Trivikram’. But another user expressed his opinion that Pawan Kalyan is being helped by Nadendla Manohar in terms of politics and Trivikram in terms of films. And another user.. ‘God said! Confused to come up with another reason!! A person who knows God’s honesty, God’s power, and truly loves God would not do such a thing, Anna!!’ He asked.

But ‘a Rs. Donate 2 crores to the party.. No Seshadri can stop you’ comments are also heard in support of Ganesh. Some come and go for self-interest. True devotees who worship cannot be distant from God. Whether it’s worship or doubt, it’s within us. They are also tweeting, ‘Not in God’. In this order, a Pawan fan reacted strongly to Bandlanna’s tweet. “There are many people who work honestly for the party. If they give positions like you, they will not put rods to the corrupt person. He tweeted that Pawan Kalyan will stay at home.. But he will rise again.. Apara Sollu.. Like this.. Netizens and fans are reacting differently to Bandla Ganesh’s latest tweet.

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