Bandla Ganesh: Give a castely gift to Guruji.. He separates the husband and wife.. Why is Bandla Ganesh stuck like this!

Bandla Ganesh: Give a castely gift to Guruji.. He separates the husband and wife.. Why is Bandla Ganesh stuck like this!
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Actor and producer Bandla Ganesh is very active on social media. Especially on Twitter, they keep doing some tweets on a daily basis. Saying good morning to fans.. tweeting inspirational sayings. Yesterday too he tweeted a saying about confidence in the form of an image while saying good morning. A fan responded to this tweet and commented, ‘Bandlanna wants to become a producer’. Bandla Ganesh, who gave a funny reply to this tweet, dragged the word magician Trivikram into the middle.

‘Give Guruji a castely gift together. Bandla Ganesh tweeted satirically. Responding to this tweet, another Twitter user commented, ‘If you tell a story to Guruji, he will write the screenplay and change the story accordingly and send the story to the shed’. Bandlanna reacted to this comment more harshly and satirically. ‘It is not the same.. He separates husband and wife, father and son, guru and disciple. That is our Guruji’s specialty,” tweeted Bandla Ganesh. Pawan Kalyan’s fans are reacting differently to this tweet.

‘Sir, if you can say it, say it boldly. Don’t punch in the mask like this. These are not new to our Kalyan fans. We have been watching for the last six years. We know you are entering politics. Which party do you want us to join,’ asked one of Pawan Kalyan’s fans directly. Another Power Star fan responded.. ‘It is not wrong to build a temple to Guruji for alienating Neelantodi. He commented that you should stay away from jackals. Another Twitter user asked, ‘Is it correct to say that you are someone else who changes words according to need?’ A fan commented that ‘You also gave a castely gift to Guruji… is it true?’

All in all, these latest comments directed at Bandla Ganesh and Trivikram have once again led to a discussion on social media. They made memes saying why the carts are stuck like this. However, Bandla Ganesh making such satirical comments on Trivikram is not new. Many times in the past, Bandlanna made comments by taunting ‘Guruji’ and throwing punches. In fact, an audio clip of Bandla Ganesh’s phone call that went viral on social media last year revealed his differences with Trivikram.

Bandla Ganesh’s comments in the audio clip that Trivikram told him not to invite him to the pre-release event of ‘Bhimla Nayak’ caused a stir. Bandla Ganesh spoke disrespectfully to Trivikram. Actually, Pawan Kalyan is a devotee of Bandla Ganesh. If there is a Pawan Kalyan movie function, Bandla Ganesh will fall there. They shout ‘Ishwara Parameshwara Pavaneshwara’. However, industry sources say that Trivikram has kept Bandlanna away as this overaction will increase and cause damage to Pawan Kalyan. Bandla Ganesh is angry that Trivikram has created a gap between him and Pawan. That’s why, it is said that satires like this are thrown directly on him.

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