Bandla Ganesh: Bandla Ganesh is your wand.. Leave Pawan Kalyan.. Power Star Fan Request

Actor and producer Bandla Ganesh tries to express his admiration for Powerstar Pawan Kalyan wherever he gets a small chance. Rather than being a fan.. can’t we say devotion.. Bandla can’t help but praise Pawan in social media and interviews. And if anyone criticizes Pawan, he will not sleep until he defames the others. Calling him Devara very fondly.. Posting about Pawan on Twitter.. talking about his greatness.

However, netizens are giving a reverse counter on a recent tweet by Bandla Ganesh. At a film festival, Adivi Sesh and TJ Tillu fame sat with their legs crossed on the legs of Siddu Jonnalagadda. To this photo.. Pawan Kalyan has attached photos of him sitting with his hands folded.. ‘Standing for salutation, please learn it.. practice it.. it is our dharma..’ The netizens are replying to this tweet quite harshly.

Bandanna.. is that Namaskara..? Samaskara..? They are asking. Earlier, Pawan Kalyan was sitting with his leg on his leg and sharing pics.. what is this called Bandlanna..? They are asking. What do you want to do with Pawan Kalyan’s rice, Bandlan? Why are you arguing with them? They are what anyone likes. Please delete this post..’ Pawan fans are asking.

‘Babu, don’t leave my elder brother.. If you want, take it personally.. Don’t drag my elder brother into it. Another Pawan fan commented that many people are already crying for my elder brother. It is said that Bandla Ganesh, who is trying to say something, is also losing his reputation. They want to stop such tweets.

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