Balayya watched the movie Bimbisara.. Kalyan Ram’s eyes are happy

Nandamuri actor Simham Balakrishna recently watched the movie Bimbisara. Kalyan Ram became the hero and producer and brought this film to the screen. Everyone is currently praising Kalyan Ram Guts who trusted director Vashishta and said OK to this story. Kalyan Ram, who believed that people would appreciate such new concepts, got a blockbuster hit. Kalyan Ram, who has been looking for a hit since many days, got the biggest hit of his career.

Bimbisara movie hit the break even mark in just three days. But Bimbisara did not work out much in overseas. Sitaram air is blowing there. Bimbisara is well suited to the mass here. So, the Bimbisara movie has no turning point here.

Currently, Balayya has watched this film. Later, Kalyan praised Ram and Vashishta. Y.T.R Arts and Vashishta responded to this. I did a Bimbisara special show for Nandamuri Balakrishna… We took these photos there.

Director Vashishta responded.. Today my dream has come true. He is the inspiration of my life.. My hero Nandamuri Natasimham.. Thank you for taking your precious time to watch our film and recognize our hardship. On the whole, Bimbisara Part 2 has raised expectations in a range.

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