Baby Movie Teaser: What kind of director did they reject me.. ‘Baby’ director Sai Rajesh’s sensational comments

Why did I become a director? I thought about what kind of films I want to make and decided to make a film. I put aside the issue of whether it will play or not and made a soulful movie that came to my mind. I took it as the best. Everyone will definitely call me the director of this movie,” said director Sai Rajesh, who directed the movie ‘Baby’. Anand Deverakonda, Viraj Ashwin and Vaishnavi Chaitanya played the lead roles. The teaser of this movie (Baby Teaser) was released on Monday. In the meeting held on this occasion..

Sai Rajesh said, “I have seen terrible photos regarding the incident in Salem, Tamil Nadu. It is a love story. What is the girl’s angle in it? I thought that. It seemed that such a violent film could not be made. So I came to make some fun ad. Earlier, I and SKN thought that we will produce the film together. After writing the scenes, I fell in love and wanted to direct it myself. I told that to SKN. At that time my Color Photo movie was not released yet. There are only images of heart, liver and coconut. When I got hold of this story and went to another place, I got some clarity. That is, it seemed that no one was even looking at me as a director. I faced rejection as if the heroes like to listen to the story, he is a director.

When going to any audio event, every director is called and told about the films he has done. When they called me, they used to fall face down to tell me the name of my film Hridaya Kejal. I don’t mind if it’s just me. But it was painful for my family, friends and all my fans. There was a mischievous smile on their face when they told anyone about me. Color Photo movie released. Although I am the story writer of that film, I got the National Award as a producer.

I feel very lucky that my friend is my producer. Why so much? He asked why they are increasing the working days, but he gave what was asked. He supported me knowing that if I wanted to take what I wanted, it would take budget and working days. It is my responsibility to bring him money.

I will tell the story poorly. Hearing such a narration. Believing that there is something in the film, hero Anand Devara Konda struggled for a year and a half. Without his support, this film would not have happened. Viraj acted as another hero in this. There are also people who say why Vaishnavi was cast as the hero. But after the release of the movie tomorrow, everyone will know. Vijay Bulganin is another hero of this movie. There are six songs. I challenge and say that all of them will be blockbusters. Thanks to the film team.

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