AR Rahman daughter wedding photos viral .. Interesting things about the newcomer

AR Rahman is the only music director to win an Oscar in the history of Indian cinema. Legendary music director is full of movies and music albums. Whenever he gets bored, he reveals his personal views along with his films on social media. It was during this sequence that he informed about the marriage of his daughter Khatija Rehman through social media. ‘God bless this couple. Thank you for your cool blessings. ‘ Many celebrities including Shreya Ghoshal congratulated Khatija Rehman – Riyasdeen Ryan.

Rehman’s daughter Khatija Rehman also shared a photo with her family on Instagram and an exclusive photo with her husband Riyasdeen Ryan. “I’m looking forward to this day in my life. I am married to my husband Riyasdeen Ryan, “said Khatija

Khatija Rahman

The craze for AR Rahman, not to mention the following, is unique. If he is being married to a woman, everyone will be interested to know what he is doing. Do you know what Riyasdeen Ryan is doing now? As for Khatija, she too is following in her father’s footsteps. Khatija sang the song “Rock a by Baby” from the recently released movie “Mimi”.

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Riazdeen Ryan, Khatijala’s engagement took place in December last year. It is learned that AR Rahman has also become a producer in the meantime.