anushka shetty

anushka shetty
It is no exaggeration to say that Anushka Shetty has as much craze as Star Hero in the Telugu states. Prabhas fans especially love her. Many people want Prabhas and Anushka to get married. As Prabhas and Anushka have already said that neither of us have that intention, there are many people who are waiting to see when their marriage will take place. Especially Anushka’s fans are waiting for when will she get married. A song came from Anushka to match this anticipation correctly. Even though it is in the movie, Anushka also matches her real life.

The lyrics of this song are very tricky saying ‘There is no time to love.. Premanna prasne rade.. Janmananta Jamai Poi Janjatamlo Gunjeyodde.. In the age of smartphones, in the world of hi-fi wifi, I am a wife and I am committed again and again.’ There is no need to tell how sweet the gestures are for such lyrics.

Anushka Shetty and Naveen Polishetty starrer in the movie ‘Miss Shetty Mr. Polishetty’. Directed by Mahesh Babu P. Vamsi and Pramod produced this movie under UV Creations banner. Rathan composed the music. The song ‘No No No’ was released today from this movie. This song was composed by Ananth Sriram.. M.M. Manasi sang. ‘Puttadi Bomma Kovela Komma.. Pedda Aduge Gedede.. She walked breaking all the methods like shackles.. Sannaye Vadanta.. Mantraloddanta.. Perantale Padadanta..’ this song tells the heroine’s characterization.

Anushka Shetty

This song shows that Anushka Shetty is acting in a role that does not want any friendship, love, bond or attachment. And the tune given by Rathan is also very trendy and catchy which is impressive to listen to. Judging by the song, it seems that this is a montage song about the heroine.

And this song seems to have given a new impetus to the promotions of this movie which is going to be released in Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Kannada languages ​​this summer. The producers are going to increase the aggressiveness in the promotions by announcing the release date soon. After a movie like ‘Bhagamati’, in addition to Anushka Shetty’s film in UV Creations, ‘Miss Shetty Mr. Polishetty’ is expected to be good as it is Sweety’s film after a long gap. Apart from this, the talented actor Naveen Polishetty is acting in this movie.

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