Anupamaa 19 Jan Written Update: Will Vanraj use Malavika? Anupama lost her senses

A lot of twists are being seen in ‘Anupama’. In the beginning of the latest episode (Anupamaa 19 Jan 2022 episode), it is shown that Vanraj expresses his feelings in front of Malavika and says that he is completely broken. He tells Malavika that now he has started concentrating on work and because of this he feels lonely. Anupama, on the other hand, tells Anuj that Vanraj is encouraging all the children to run away from their responsibilities. Just like he runs himself. Anupama gets emotional while saying this. Anuj silences her and says that she can share anything with him. After this something happens between Anupama and Anuj that Anupama hesitates and leaves on the pretext of giving medicine to Malvika. On the other hand, Vanraj keeps on telling his condition in front of Malvika. He tries to gain Malavika’s sympathy by repeatedly telling himself that he is alone. Both hold each other’s hand. Just then Anupama comes there and is surprised to see Vanraj-Malvika together. Anupama then asks Malvika to take medicine. Vanraj asks Anupama the time and complete schedule of taking Malvika’s medicine and says that he too can take care of Malvika. Meanwhile, Kinjal tries to cheer Samar on. But Samar asks him to leave himself alone. Anupama tells Vanraj to focus on his children, but Vanraj on the contrary tells him to focus on the children, especially Samar. Vanraj says that he has to take care of Malvika. Anupama starts worrying about Malvika. She wonders how she will be able to bear if Vanraj betrays Malavika. Later Anupama meets Anuj and Malvika. She assures Malvika that nothing wrong will happen to her. Malvika later tells that Vanraj has called everyone for Makar Sankranti celebrations and he has said yes on behalf of everyone.

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