ANR Jayanthi : ‘Natasamrat’ Akkineni Jayanthi Special.. Desire to act till dying breath

ANR Jayanthi: ‘Natasamrat’ Akkineni Nageswara Rao… has created a new history in Telugu film industry that deserves to be written in golden letters. ANR is a great person who has won the favor of Telugu audience. Apart from being an actor, he showed his passion as a studio head and producer. September 20 is Akkineni Jayanti.

Akkineni was born on 20 September 1923 in Ramapuram, Krishna district. Annar, who came to films from the theater field, brought many characters to life with his acting. Not much can be said about his films, their records and the roles he played. Natasamrat entertained the Telugu audience by acting in social, mythological and folk films.

Akkineni’s first golden festival film was ‘Dasarabullodu’ and he was the first actor to play a double role in Telugu. Starting with the movie ‘Sitarama Jananam’.. ‘Mayabazaar’, ‘Chenchulakshmi’, ‘Bhukailas’, ‘Shrikrishnarjunayudham’, ‘Balaraju’, ‘Rozulu Marai’, ‘Namminabantu’, ‘Misamma’, ‘Samsaram’, ‘Gundammakatha’, ‘ Surviving’, ‘Arthangi’, ‘Aradhana’, ‘Donga Rama’, ‘Doctor Chakraborty’, ‘Mangalyabalam’, ‘Illarikam’, ‘Shanti Niwasam’, ‘Husbands’, ‘Shadows of Light’, ‘Donor’, ‘Passenger’ , ‘Devadasu’, ‘Premanagar’, ‘Premabhishekam’, ‘Meghasandesham’, ‘Sitaramayya Gari Manamaralu’. ANNAR gave life to many characters with his excellent performance.

Akkineni’s birthday

Cine Kalamatalli, who established a studio and production company in the name of his wife Annapoorna, made him a great actor and made him famous, paid off his debt. His wish is to continue acting till his last breath. Also acted till the last breath. Actor heir Nagarjuna shared the screen with his grandsons Naga Chaitanya and Akhil and left behind a sweet memory for Akkineni’s family, fans, Telugu audience and Telugu film industry in the form of ‘Manam’.

Even though he is not physically with us, he is always with us in the form of many wonderful characters he played. As long as there is light in Telugu, as long as there is light in long as there is a Telugu film industry, there will be ‘Akkineni’. #ANRLivesON #ANRJayanthi #LegendANRJayanthi hashtags are trending on social media on the occasion of ANR Jayanti.


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