Anee Master Eliminated: This is what happened in the 11th week elimination ..!

According to the information currently received on social media, it seems that Animaster has been eliminated this week. The Animaster Journey ends at Bigg Boss House. Being listed in the voting, Animaster must leave the house. The animemaster, who has been playing the game in his own style since the first week, has been overtaking everyone until the 11th week. Moreover, everyone in the tasks answered positively. Won solo in some tasks and also gained special powers. In addition, she won solo in the Immunity Task and also received Immunity for a week. It also saved Manas.

Psy is also an animator who wrestles with Jesse without fear of anyone saying that he will nominate stronger contestants than himself. Despite giving 100 per cent performance in all the tasks, Animaster went without much following on social media. Bigg Boss Lovers, on the other hand, did not even go so far as to say that even the reasons he says are without logic. Imitating the rest of the housemates, becoming a prostate, and dancing with Kajal in the case of Animaster hit the game. Especially last week’s Animaster Nominations.

In the case of Kajal, the animator is deeply hurt in the case of Pinky. In addition, Kajal’s dancing as Nagin, arguing with Pinky, and pretending to be a group game while playing the game as a group completely ruined the animemaster game. And Animaster made a very emotional journey in the house. He stayed in the house with his game for 11 weeks. Despite the support of Sriram, Ravi, Manas, Jesse, Shanmuk and Siri, he played his game in the tasks. She tried to say whatever seemed genuine to her. In fact Animaster was supposed to be in the top 5. But, now that he has been eliminated the Animaster has ended his journey in the House.

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