Anchor Syamala: Shyamala’s first love is not Narasimha!

Shyamala, who starred in several serials early in her career, later became famous for acting as an anchor for culinary programs and film promotional interviews. With the popularity gained, ‘Bigg Boss’ got the chance to be a contestant in the second season. Even though it was eliminated in the middle, it surprised everyone by giving a re-entry. However, she did not make it to the finals.

Meanwhile, Shyamala has been in the news recently for filing cases and arrests against Shyamala’s husband Narasimha. However, her husband Lendi left the police station within two days. No news of that case came later. Meanwhile .. Shyamala has recently become a hot topic once again by talking about her first love. Shyamala, who was involved in the shooting, had a lot of fun with the fans during the break time.

As part of this, a netizen asked who is your first love and Shyamala’s husband Yuvraj shared the photo next to it. Shyamala replied that it was my first and last love. Then another netizen asked who is your favorite hero and Mahesh Babu shook his head showing the photo.

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