Anasuya Bharadwaj: It’s time to speak your mind.. Be patient: Anasuya is serious.

Recently, anchor Anasuya Bharadwaj is giving a counter in her own style to the netizens who trolled her by calling her aunty. Besides, police complaints were also filed against them. Anasuya gave a strong reply to a netizen’s tweet on these complaints. Anasuya tweeted greetings on the occasion of Onam, the biggest festival in Kerala. Commenting on this tweet, a netizen.. How far did the complaints come? he asked.

Another netizen replied to this tweet.. ‘The police department told us that you don’t want us to do anything,’ he replied. Anasuya was fired on this comment. He gave a strong reply saying that the time has come to give wisdom to people who are not working like you.

‘No.. Tell them that the time has come to teach wisdom to those who are idle like you. You are too quick to slip your mouth. You are too quick to roll over. Be patient. All will happen. Happening…’ he wrote. ‘If someone calls you aunty or uncle, under which section you can file a case..?’ Another netizen asked.

Anasuya took another tweet saying, ‘This is not for calling aunty.. It is about bullying in the name of aunty.. It is a conspiracy to harm my work style and my mental peace.. It is a punishable crime..’ Now these tweets are going viral. She is giving a warning that she is not going to leave until she is troubled.

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