Amma, what’s wrong with your son .. what’s wrong .. Vishwak Sen emotional

Vishwak Sen has been going viral in the news for the last couple of days. The promotional prank video made for the movie Arjuna Kalyanam in Ashokavanam turned into a tornado. Speaking at the movie pre-release event in Khammam today (May 3), Vishwak Sen said he was full emotional.

‘Now I will talk about Arjun Allangadi. He has a little bit of fear .. he fails as an insecurity .. like all of us .. he should study when the undergrowth comes .. he should settle down when he is thirty years old .. he should get married .. he should stay with such insecurities .. what if he gets married after 35 years? Put in jail? Now the girl will look wrong even if the boy is together. If we compare our girlfriends with Samantha and Aishwarya Rai .. we have to be afraid of how they want us to be .. even telling the girls .. you compare your friend .. to boyfriend .. if you are doing that together .. you are half dead ..

They come to our house .. They ask what your children are doing .. Then there is a big discussion in the house .. We all live with these fears .. Don’t live like that .. All these are relevant Arjun Ginger .. 33 years like this .. Out of them This is the story of how he came and got married .. Thanks to the producer Sudhir who took good care of me. Give me one hundred rupees .. I will take an advance .. Nexts also wants to make a movie with you .. You are a sweet hearted person .. I am lucky to have a movie in BVSN’s present ..

Sagar is my friend .. we made short films together .. he seemed to be the suit for this story .. I was able to act because of the writing written by Ravikiran. Jay gave wonderful music. Again and again we want to work .. Pavi Artwork did wonderfully. With such a wonderful team .. we will focus on acting .. it will be the best performance of my career .. you will laugh while watching the movie .. you will be scared .. you will cry a lot of joy .. ‘says Vishwak Sen. Meanwhile a fan is coming on stage. No, no, this trend is very old .. Lovey Ra .. Hold on to it .. Stay tuned .. Will you come there? Then Vishwak Sen starts speaking again. ‘ Everyone watch this movie with family .. I did four movies but I got emotional watching their mash up ..

So far no one was able to send in the perfect solution, which is not strange. I want to say now. Everyone would be surprised if someone said they would become a hero at home. But my mother believed in me .. After that my father believed in me .. I worked very hard and learned film courses .. I learned dance and acting. I put 12 lakhs and left .. The producer liked it and bought it and released it. The same big success .. Tarun Bhaskar put me in the film when I had nothing. Thanks to him.

After that I took Falaknuma Das .. The media brought me to you .. If you make a movie, if you like it .. Would you like it so well? Given a position like this? That movie proved that. Even if I think there will be another problem .. Growth means .. not hiding when a problem comes .. kick it .. coming to Khammam like this and laughing with you like this .. I don’t care if someone told me .. pointed out .. some do it without even thinking that I have a family too ..

Amma is telling you one thing .. what is wrong with your son .. what can not be said .. I am saying that I do not give respect to girls .. if the same is true .. not someone who would have come like that in the studio that day .. everyone knows the culture you taught your son .. I have no background. .. like a little fly .. I will fall if four people hit me together .. but you (fans) are my protection .. I did the messages you (fans) put .. you are my property .. it seemed that no one can pick me up .. I have you .. if in doubt .. hash I will tell you not to dismiss the tag as Vishwak Sen ‘.. became emotional.

He then sat on his knees and addressed the fans. If you do not .. If you do not .. If there is a Week Hearted person in my place .. Whatever happens .. But I will not do the work that bothers you .. I will keep the trust you have placed .. Give me three movies this year .. Thanks to everyone for standing up for me .. All I can say is .. there is no one but me .. thanks’ he became emotional.