Amit Shah – Jr Ntr : NTR met with Amit Shah.. Bandi Sanjay gave clarity

It is known that BJP leader and Union Minister Amit Shah recently met the top actor of Tollywood NTR (Jr Ntr). There were reports that he liked NTR’s acting after watching the movie RRR, and that’s why he met NTR separately when he came for a tour in Hyderabad. However, there are pushing news that Amit Shah has asked NTR to campaign on behalf of BJP in the upcoming elections. Also, some said that Tarak will be announced as Telangana BJP’s chief ministerial candidate. News also came that NTR is going to lead the Telugu Desam Party in AP and the meeting with Amit Shah is the same.

Leaders of prominent political parties have also made their own analysis. But neither Amit Shah, NTR nor any of the other main leaders of the meeting said what happened. This has given more impetus to this news. But finally Telangana BJP president Bandi Sanjay (Bandi Sanjay) gave clarity on Amit Shah – NTR meeting. Key comments were made on what actually happened.

Amit Shah – NTR meeting.. Bandi Sanjay Clarity

“Some people want to put a check on TDP after Amit Shah’s meeting with NTR. Some are saying to negotiate. Both are wrong. Amit Shah even spoke to NTR on the phone after watching the movie RRR. In the same sequence, when Amit Shah came to Telangana, he recognized him and called him. met Except that the discussion took place in terms of the film itself. There was no further discussion. I was also there during the meeting. There was a discussion about the movie. Senior NTR talked about his family members. Not talking about politics. In this order, there is no need to make excuses about the meeting,” said Bandi Sanjay.

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