Alluri Pre Release Event: Busy with Pushpa 2.. Came for Sree Vishnu: Allu Arjun

Alluri is a movie directed by Pradeep starring Sree Vishnu as the hero. Kayadu Lohar acted as the heroine and Bekkam Venugopal acted as the producer. The film will hit the screens on September 23. In this background Alluri Pre Release Event was organized in a grand manner on Sunday. Icon Star Allu Arjun (Allu Arjun) attended the ceremony as the chief guest.

On this occasion, Bunny said that his favorite person is Sree Vishnu and he follows all his movies. He said that Sree Vishnu is one of the three heroes in the movie Prema Ishq Kadal. Since he did very well in that movie, he has developed a special liking for him.

‘Srivishnu has a good test. Sometimes the movie we think can become a hit. Can flop. But every movie chosen by Sree Vishnu is very good. After working hard for a film.. they are very passionate about it. If an actor works with that much dedication for a film.. regardless of the hit flops they love him. I have a lot of respect for him. I want every movie of his to be good. I want the audience to bless the person who works so hard.. I want to see Alluri movie on September 23..

Though I am a bit busy with Pushpa-2 rush right now. Thinking that the mind set will change if you go to the celebrations.. Even if you don’t want to go anywhere. It was at this time that Sri Vishnu came and met him. He has never asked for help even though we have known each other for years. He asked me to come and push this film for the first time. When he asked, no matter how busy he was, he was determined to come.

I have been coming to functions for many years.. It doesn’t seem like much. But coming to this ceremony today.. Why is there tension? Is it because of the violence you (fans) do (laughs).. I know there are some people here from Palakollu.. That’s why I’m a little worried. I am afraid of Palakollu people. Just kidding.. Our hometown is Palakollu.

Everyone is talking about movies. Currently, a small movie does not mean a big movie. If there is a good movie, people will support it. They don’t care about a small film or a big film. We are on a very good trend. If the content is good, people come to the theater regardless of whether it is a small movie or a big movie. In this regard, I sincerely thank the audience. Allu Arjun said that everyone should bless the Alluri movie once again. And at the end, Pushpa-2 is going to be reduced, he said the dialogue in his own style.

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