Alluri Movie : He did that in the party.. That angle should come out.. Nani’s naughty comments on Sri Vishnu

nani-sree vishnu Natural Star Nani is currently busy with a series of films. Regardless of the hit flops, Nani is on a roll. Currently, Nani is busy shooting for Dussehra movie. But Nani came for Sri Vishnu Alluri movie. The trailer launch event of this upcoming movie on September 23 was held today. Nani was the chief guest for the event. And Nani brought out another angle of Sri Vishnu.

As usual, Mahesh Babu is very serious on screen. He looks serious. But off screen, Mahesh Babu makes people laugh a lot. It is said that there is no one better than Mahesh Babu in making satires and counters. Nani said that Sri Vishnu is the only one after Mahesh Babu in that category. Nani said that he wants to become a star hero like Mahesh Babu.

Nani said.. I thought I would not face the media for another six months.. but now I have come for the movie Sri Vishnu Alluri. The trailer is very good. Also there is something new for Sri Vishnu. I think this is the first time Vishnu is doing a commercial action film. Very energetic. In recent times, energetic films have been encouraged by the audience. I wish Alluri a big success.

If a movie is made, there are very few heroes who are only characters instead of the hero. The hero Srivishnu is in the forefront of such actors. That’s why I love Sri Vishnu. The selection of Sri Vishnu stories is very good. Vishnu is a very big entertainer in real life. While meeting personally, I saw the universal form of Lord Vishnu. I want that entertainer aspect in Vishnu to come out. You all will like it. I heard about Mahesh Babu that he is very reserved on the outside and very fun on the inside.

After Mahesh Babu, Sri Vishnu comes to that category. Sree Vishnu should also become such a big star. He is already known as a good actor. I want this movie to be a big success. I did local with Bekkem Venugopal. It is better to say that he will adopt than to produce a film. As long as the film is being made, that unit is his family. Everyone is well taken care of. Audiences always watch a good movie. It has been proven again and again in the last two months. Alluri also achieves great success. All the very best to the film unit,’ he said.

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