allu arjun: Ram is promoting ‘Pushpa’ songs for Devisree Prasad .. If you watch the video, you should laugh! – funny ram video on pushpa the rise goes viral and dsp responds


  • Funny video from Ram movie on ‘Pushpa the Rise’ songs
  • Devisree Prasad responded
  • ‘Pushpa The Rise’ to be released on December 17

Rockstar Devisree Prasad has worked with all the top heroes of today’s generation. He gave wonderful songs to all the heroes. Devisriprasad Kavalsinode to all. So what..Did Hero Ram agree to promote Devisree Prasad’s latest movie ‘Pushpandiraise’ movie songs! If you look at the title, you can doubt it. But the real story is different. Icon star for the current year Allu Arjun The first part of the movie Pushpa starring Sukumar in the title role Floral The Rise Three songs from the movie have been released. Of these three, two are full songs. Only one song is a song promo. The song is also set to be released on October 28 at 11am. Some netizens have used footage of the Ram movie saying that these three songs are good for everyone. Anyone watching that video should laugh. And what about Devisree Prasad? He also watched the video and shared the Tribal Navwe symbol on his social media.

I wonder if any movie in the original Ram movie would be apt for floral songs .. because love is in the movie. Shayaji Shinde, who played the role of Ram’s father in the film, came to meet Brahmanandam, the principal of Ram College. Neta netizens showed their talent by replacing the floral songs in that song place. The video went to Devisree Vara. He also enjoyed the video. It looks like Ram is promoting floral songs for Devisree. See why it’s too late.

As for the movie ‘Pushpa the Rise’ .. the movie is being screened against the backdrop of red sandalwood smuggling in the remnant forests of Chittoor district. The film will be released in two parts. The first part will be released on December 17 on Pan India Range. A huge set is being laid in Hyderabad for the final schedule. The film unit will be ready for film promotions after completing the filming within the second and third week of November 28th. Malayalam star Pahad Fazil will be seen as the villain in the film, which stars Rashmi Mandanna as the heroine. The film was produced by Maitree Movie Makers and Mutham Shetty Media.

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