Allu Arjun: Jr NTR: Family Time .. Allu Arjun in Dubai .. NTR in Paris – jr ntr at paris and allu arjun at dubai

Young Tiger NTR He is currently on vacation. NTR checked in with his family to Paris. Recently NTR shared a photo of landing with his son. On the other hand Allu Arjun Holding his garland Allu Arha Celebrated his birthday grandly in Dubai. To this end he organized special celebrations in Burj Khalifa. So much so that both of the top heroes are currently abroad as well. Spending time with family members right there. However, their latest photos are now going viral on Netflix.

NTR stays away from social media. Posts only occasionally. Responds if any special occasion. NTRO released a video on the incident where Chandrababu cried. Responds on social media if there is any special reason for doing so. He recently kissed his son Abhay Ram and added the Eiffel Tower to his post.

On the other hand, Allu Arjun has a grand plan for his daughter’s birthday. Arha’s birthday was celebrated in Burj Khalifa. Allu Snehareddy and Bunny shared the latest photos related to Allu Arha’s birthday. All those photos are now going viral. Bunny fell in love with my little princess daughter.

NTR is busy with RRR movie. Allu Arjun is busy with floral dubbing work. While the RRR shooting part is complete .. the floral sets are still yours. In floral December, RRR wallpapers will land in the ring.

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