Allu Arjun: He thought I was useless.. Even at this level now: Allu Arjun

Late comedian Allu Ramalingaiah’s centenary celebrations were celebrated in a grand manner. It is known that Megastar Chiranjeevi started Allu Studios, built on a huge scale in 10 acres in Gandipet. ‘Allu Ramalingaiah’ book launch event was held in Hyderabad on Saturday night. Icon star Allu Arjun (Allu Arjun) shared interesting things on this occasion. He remembered his memories with his grandfather.

Bunny said that he was very happy to celebrate the centenary with his grandfather. He said that he lived with his grandparents till the age of 16. He said that after the death of his grandfather, only he got Rs. 10 lakh insurance money. He said that he thought a lot why grandfather did this.. He said that he understood the real thing when he saw the year of the insurance. He said that he was studying in the fourth standard at the time when his grandfather started depositing money.. Then my grandfather said that why he got insurance that he was useless.

Allu Arjun recalled that when he was 18 years old, he thought that these ten lakhs would be useful for him in some form.. He deposited this money for himself. In the eyes of the grandfather, why did he not come to work? He said that he is at this level today. He said that he was very happy for that.. It would have been better if he had seen his growth.

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