Allu Arjun: Allu Arjun blocked the heroine who gave lip lock.. As it went viral.. Finally!!

Allu Arjun: Allu Arjun blocked the heroine who gave lip lock.. As it went viral.. Finally!!
Allu Arjun, the icon star who acquired a pan India range image with the movie ‘Pushpa’, is the latest in the headlines. Bhanusri Mehra’s blocking on Twitter has become a hot topic. This film which came out in 2010 was opened with the concept of a four-day wedding. The makers followed a new strategy in promotions by not revealing the heroine until the day of the movie’s release. Also did Lip Lock with Bunny. But as the movie turned out to be a disaster, he didn’t get any chances after that. When Bunny blocked him on his Twitter account, which came into the limelight again, the reposting of that screen shot went viral.

Due to lack of opportunities as a heroine, Bhanushree has now turned into a YouTube creator and is making some funny videos on her channel. Trying to grab people’s attention on social media, she is tagging celebrities in her videos and requesting them to subscribe. In the same sequence, she also tagged Allu Arjun in her new video post and disclosed that he had blocked her with screen shot proof.
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‘You may not remember me now. But I acted in ‘Broom’ with Allu Arjun. After that, I could not do anything else. I learned how to lead life while facing struggles in my career. But now Allu Arjun has blocked me on Twitter. Anyway subscribe my channel first’ she posted. As this post went viral, all the fans were surprised.. Bhanushree was immediately unblocked. Bhanu also shared this matter in the form of a post.

‘Great news.. Allu Arjun has unblocked me’, she clarified. She said that she did not blame Allu Arjun for her career failures. She said that she has learned to lead life perfectly from struggles and is moving forward. Stay tuned for more laugh-out-loud content.. Allu thanks Arjun for his sportsmanship.

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