AKHANDA Pre Release Event: People like Shiva to the industry .. Taman comments on Balayya

Everyone knows how many expectations there are for the upcoming movie in Nandamuri, Boyapati combination. Sinha is coming to hit for the third time happily after Legend. The pre-release event of the film, which is coming up on December 2, was held today at the Shilpa Art Venue in Hyderabad. Rajamouli and Allu Arjun were the chief guests at the event. The film unit also participated in the event. Music Director Thaman said .. Thanks to Bunny and Rajamouli for coming to the event. Balayya is a man like Shiva to the industry. Balayya is very spiritual. I have been working for Akhanda for the last 48 days. Kashi got the feeling of being gone. If Balayya is a transformer .. Boyapati gives him the correct voltage current. The first movie I played in my career was Bhairava Deepam. Then 30 rupees for me. I am indebted to Akhanda for providing the music. It was as if I was looking at God. I’m still in a trance. Enjoy watching a movie in the theater to the fullest. I have worked with NTR until this. I have done films like Vrindavan, Ramayana Vasthavayya, Badshah, Aravinda Sametha. I was very happy. Big NTR said we are proud to be in an industry that has worked. There was no chance of mass numbering in this film. But the song that was just released was done just in time for Corona. I said that Boyapati did that song together.

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