Adivi Sesh : Regina Maggi comments.. Not two minutes.. Adivi Sesh that she has a lot of stamina

Adivi Sesh-Regina Adivi Sesh-Regina combo came out in a movie called Kiyai. It is a remake of Hindi film Badla. However, Adivi Sesh and Reginala acted brilliantly in this film. This movie became a super hit. But now with the same closeness, Regina invited Adivi Sesh as the chief guest for her Shakini Dhakini movie. At the pre-release event held yesterday, Adivi Sesh made naughty comments.

Regina has been going viral on social media for the past few days. The little questions asked by the reporter made a lot of sense. There is no vulgarity in what was asked.. He asked about the role played. Did you play a character with OCD? Do you also have OCD? he asked. That’s it.. Regina showed her impatience. Do you ask everyone the same questions? Nana made a fuss. There is no need to react that much.

Hurt by that question, Regina made naughty comments in promotional interviews. Magallu, Maggie said two minutes and laughed. Regina glared at the interviewer saying, “You don’t understand.” Regina didn’t see anything wrong with that.

But Adivi Sesh responded to these Maggi comments. He asked what Regina said.. Maggie is saying something about men.. Regina counters again saying she will tell me in two minutes. I have done many films.. Adivi Sesh made some very rude comments saying that I have a lot of stamina. All in all, Adivi Sesh gave a perfect answer to Regina.

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