Adivi Sesh doesn’t give advice on the story of ‘Hit-2’.. but asks a question: Director Shailesh Kolana

Two years ago, Sailesh Kolanu made his debut as a director with the crime thriller ‘Hit- The First Case’ and got the title. Now his directed movie ‘HIT 2’ starring Adivi Sesh is going to hit the theaters on December 2. Presented by Hero Nani, the movie is produced by his sister Prashanthi Tripirneni under the banner of Wall Poster Cinema. Shailesh Kolanu spoke to the media on this occasion.

Aadu Sesh is a perfect set as an officer. In this, I have added a bit of humor in an attempt to make him look a bit new. Hit 2 movie will have many twists. The better the trailer is cut, the better the buzz will be on the film. Telling those twists in the trailer made it seem that the film would have no problem. Disha happened during the hit first case. Now in second case time Shraddha Walker incident happened in Delhi. Such criminals exist in the society.

I liked the advice given by director SS Rajamouli to create a hit season. But every year they have to make a hit movie. Even if I do crime stories, the research I do for that film is new. Even if the police fire a single bullet, they have to account. That’s why even if the heroes have guns in their hands in my film, they don’t use them much.

I don’t find it too difficult to convince the nanny. Our thoughts about the movie are the same. Both are in sync. But Adivasi Sesh had to be convinced a lot. Many questions were asked when the story was told. We had five or six sittings. After that he said ok. Why do criminals become like this? The discussion will be in this movie. Except that it is correct.. I did not say that it is wrong. What is wrong with the audience in that scene? What is right? They know that. A new shesh will be seen in the climax. He did it very well. Sesh did not give me any advice in terms of story. But why? He would ask the question. So I had to search for answers.

Kodi Burra is my slang word. We put the same dialogue in it. Did he want to be a hero? Why did he say This will be known by watching the movie. A love story is not meant to be. We have also shown what kind of situations arise in the personal life of a police officer if he takes up a case. Even though it is a thriller genre, I have prepared the story so that all the family can connect. I won’t do remakes anymore. When the hit first case was released in Hindi, everyone on social media was bashing. Now everyone is watching movies in OTT.

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