Actress Jayavani: Those films were made for recognition.. Photos were taken and posted on the internet: Actress Jayavani

Actress Jayavani said that she faced many hardships and humiliations to stand in the Tollywood industry. This senior actress, who gained recognition through movies like Yamadonga, Maryada Ramanna, Vikramarkudu and Guntur Talkies, talked about the difficulties she faced in the beginning in an interview. Many say they were insulted for being black when they were new to the industry trying to find opportunities. He said that he did not set out to be an actress.. But he said that he tried very hard to continue in the industry anyway.

‘I have to stand in the industry.. I have to prove myself.. This is what I used to have. That’s why no matter how many insults he faced, he faced them bravely. Try many ways for opportunities. I used to do it even if I was given a small character. I have done hundred percent justice to the role. I went there when I heard that there was a chance to act in Tamil films. Initially, there was a screen test of the mother character. But after that they gave a different character which is not the role of mother. Now bold characters are coming but not done. Asking directors to give comedy roles.

At that time, I did such roles so that everyone would know my name. Now I don’t need that much. Now everyone knows Jayavani. Such films were made for recognition. Not everyone is like what those characters did. Those who played villain roles are not like that outside. I haven’t reached my goal yet. Jayavani said that I have to work hard to reach my goal.

Jayavani once again recalled that he cheated by shooting photos and posting them on the internet. When the producer and director called for a movie chance, he said that he went to an office and took pictures of him in a dress. He said that he came from there after taking some photos.. Again they have not called him till now. But they said that the photos were posted on the internet for a few days. He said that the pics related to that photo shoot are still on the net.. He still does not know who put them.

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