A small appeal to CM Jagan .. Snow Vishnu was dragged in the middle! .. Discussion on Netflix

Everyone is giggling at the shock given by the AP government to the film industry. Stomach cramps and falls on legs. That’s why no one softens their mouths. YS Jagan has used weapons against the government for online ticketing, ticket prices and benefit shows. This has had implications for big heroes and big movie makers. Originally big budget films are ready for pre-release. No one seems to care what to do with the AP government taking such a decision in this order. Speaking at the Republican pre-release event, Pawan Kalyan said that the government should fight against the policies pursued but it is not possible to make appeals and requests. Then Pawan Kalyan unanimously said that the industry has nothing to do with the comments. But now the problem got there. On the one hand, there is an argument that all these decisions were taken to oust Pawan Kalyan. Recently, however, Chiru took to social media to express his views. ‘It is gratifying to see the introduction of an online ticketing bill for transparency as demanded by the industry. In the same way for the survival of theaters, for the livelihood of many families based on cinema, it would be in the best interest of the industry to determine the reduced ticket rates from time to time and appropriately in all states of the country. It makes sense that ticket prices should have the same flexibility when governments take taxes as a single GST across the country. Please reconsider this matter. Only when there is that encouragement will the Telugu industry be able to survive. ‘ Netizens are reacting to this in various ways. Some people are commenting that if such requests are made, no one will react .. they should demand .. everything should be united. Meanwhile, some netizens are uniting the snow Vishnu. Where is our President .. questioning why the government is not responding to the decisions taken.

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