69 Sanskar Colony: Vaishali had an affair with a teenage boy: 69 sanskar colony movie download movierulz

69 Samskar Colony: Vaishali had an affair with a teenage boy, but she did not have Esther: Noel’s ex-wife bold comments

Currently the heroine Esther # 69 is starring in the movie Sanskar Colony. The movie will be released on March 4. She shared some interesting things in an interview given to a YouTube channel as part of the film promotions. Along with personal life .. told about the casting couch. The latest film starring Singer Noel’s ex – wife, heroine Esther is # 69 Sanskar Colony. The film was directed by renowned director Sunil Kumar Reddy with a bold love story between a teenage boy and a housewife. While Esther is playing the lead role in the film ..
Rishwik Thimmaraju, Ajay and Shilpa Nayak have played other roles. # 69 Sanskar Colony to be released in theaters on March 4. Esther, who was involved in the film’s promotions, shared her personal life and became a hot topic. Why did she have to break up with Noel .. How did he trap her .. Tell me the trouble she faced. Apart from that .. Tollywood‌ casting coach Bagotan has also been revealed. How to trap offers? Esther tells him how she escaped. However, if you watch the trailer of ‘# 69 Sanskar Colony’, the lip locks are full of hot scenes with romantic scenes. 69 sanskar colony movie download movierulz
In these scenes Esther became very involved and displayed her acting prowess. Sadly, Esther survived, even though the teenage boy appeared to be pretending to be a kisser. In the past she has acted in films like Bhimavaram Bullodu, A Thousand Lies Jaya Janaki Nayaka, Garam but she seemed a bit methodical. However, in the movie Come Back, Esther was exposing herself beyond the boundaries. Appeared boldly in the role of Aunty who goes rascal with a teenage boy. If you look at the lip lock scenes in the trailer, Ornano, it looks like a Telugu movie. But how sincerely did these bold scenes do it .. just as sincerely explaining that. Why did those scenes have to be done? Everyone is asking about the kisses shown in the trailer .. In fact it seemed a bit tense to sit and think before doing those romantic scenes.
Did I lock my lips .. it feels awful. But .. if you get involved in the role while shooting as an artist .. it feels like it needs to be done. In some scenes, it must be done in order to have an impact. As an actor, the audience does not know what happened if they skip that scene as an audience. The impact will be missed. My personal opinion is .. I do not agree to an affair with a teenage boy as Esther. But it seems correct when thinking broadly. That is the life of Vaishali .. The director has created Vaishali Life. She has such desires .. It is shown that it should be done like this. An audience may ask me why such scenes but .. I should not say that it is not correct when Vaishali is playing the role of an artist.
I should only be the source for the director’s idea. It should be shown on the screen .. I do as much as I feel comfortable .. Do I need to? That is the decision of the director. When the director said the script, it seemed to me that the lip lock scenes were necessary for the romance character. That’s why I did it. No unnecessary scenes were put up. That director is a director with good credibility so he’s done that. I do nothing but lose my comfort. But in the co-actor .. but in me but this is not what Sinera Babu did .. both got involved .. Esther said that if you watch the movie you will understand how much we got involved.