YS Sharmila On TSPSC : Leakage of TSCSC papers is a big scam, should be investigated by CBI – YS Sharmila

YS Sharmila On TSPSC : Leakage of TSCSC papers is a big scam, should be investigated by CBI – YS Sharmila

YS Sharmila On TSPSC: YSR Telangana Party President YS Sharmila has made sensational allegations about the leakage of TSPSC papers. TSPSC is the biggest scam. Everyone criticized it as a collusive scam. They demanded that the TSPSC paper leak should be investigated by the CBI. It is alleged that there is a hand in this scam from the Chairman of the Board to the level of Ministers. They were furious that the TSPSC question papers were leaked. They want to abolish the entire board. Sharmila said that investigation with SIT on leakage is not correct…SIT will investigate in favor of the government. That is why they are demanding an inquiry with the CBI. Otherwise, they want to investigate with the sitting judge. TSPSC  opposed that the unemployed have lost their credibility. He reminded that 33 lakh unemployed people across the state have registered in TSPSC for jobs."Paper leak is a big scam. How the passwords known to the chairman and secretary of the board were leaked. How did the third person know the passwords? TSPSC papers are being sold like commodities. Not only AE paper but all papers are leaked. Group 1 is also leaked. What is the credibility of TSPSC?. How confidential information got out. Everyone has a hand in this.  The wanted papers were leaked. Behind the leaks is the hand from the chairman of the board to the level of ministers. IT Minister KTR should be ashamed of the paper leakage issue. How TSPSC server gets leaked. The focus on Kavitha’s cases is not on the TSPSC paper leak. "- YS Sharmila 

Arresting house if they are fighting peacefully on behalf of the unemployed is evil. CBI should investigate TSPSC irregularities. Irregularities that have not been revealed for eight years should also be resolved. Besides the employees, board members and ministers are also involved in this scam. TSPSC lost credibility of unemployed.
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— YS Sharmila (@realyssharmila) March 17, 2023

Why is the Chief Minister not responding so far on the leak of papers, YS Sharmila asked.  KCR is a monarch,  a dictator. KCR was criticized as a Taliban. He said that the Constitution of India is not being implemented in Telangana. They said that KCR's own constitution will be implemented. KCR questioned whether it is constitutional to sell papers like they are sold in Santalo. KCR said the constitution trampled the promises given. Trampling the opposition is KCR's constitution. YS Sharmila demanded a CBI inquiry into the paper leak. He said that TSPSC would be given a petition but not given permission. 

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