Yesterday Deccan Mall – Yesterday Swapnalok! What is the cause of fires in huge buildings?

Yesterday Deccan Mall – Yesterday Swapnalok!  What is the cause of fires in huge buildings?

Swapnalok fire that reminded another Deccan Mall! Electricity panel on ground floor‌ Suddenly exploded! The fire broke out. The fire was added to the malls where there are many clothes shops. Asale old building, narrow shops! And then the fire at night! A scary atmosphere has struck! Engi Road, Patney Centre, Paradise Circle‌ Frightened. The area, which was always bustling, burst into laughter! 4,5,  6, floors caught fire. Thick smoke spread. Within minutes the building was engulfed in flames. When an accident occurs  Fire personnel say that 25 people are trapped. A man named Srinivas called the fire control room at 7.30 pm. Firefighters rushed to the spot based on his call. They noticed smoke coming from the back of the building.

Realizing that the intensity of the fire was high, the officials immediately decided to bring more vehicles. 12 vehicles including 2 Branto Sky Lifts, 1 Simon Snokel, 1 Rescue Tender were brought on the ramps. 10 fire engines were deployed. About 15 people survived due to the timely response of the firemen.  Due to thick smoke  Some people got breathless   The staff gave CPR to some and died. The rescued people were taken to the nearby Yashoda Hospital.  

The fire continued till midnight. Ministers Talasani, Mahmood Ali and Mayor Vijayalakshmi reached the spot. DCP Sumathi supervised the rescue work.    Hyderabad District Collector Amoy  Kumar coordinated the officials. Some of those rescued from the fire were taken to Gandhi Hospital. Mayor Gadwal Vijayalakshmi visited those undergoing treatment there and encouraged them.    

According to the information received till midnight, six people died in the fire accident in Swapnalok complex. The deceased have been identified as: Shiva, Prashanth, Pramila, Shravani, Vennela and Triveni. It is not known where they are and what they are doing. All died in the fire on the fifth floor. Seven other people on the same floor were rescued. Out: Shravan, Dayakar, Pawan, Bharatamma, Gangaiah, Ravi, Sudhir Reddy. All of them were brought out alive by the fire personnel.  

Even before the Deccan Mall on Minister Road has recovered from the fire, another such incident in Secunderabad is disturbing the residents of the twin cities. It was concluded that three people died in Deccan Mall accident. The incident that took place on January 20 left an endless tragedy. The five-storied building was completely gutted. The building was razed to the ground on February 5 with the help of heavy machinery after it was decided that the building was unusable.

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