What is in the letter given by Soma Bharat to ED on behalf of Kavitha?

What is in the letter given by Soma Bharat to ED on behalf of Kavitha?

MLC Kalvakuntla Kavitha has written a letter to the ED to postpone the inquiry until the Supreme Court orders. It is suggested that no investigation in the case is proper until the court’s verdict. In the letter, it was reminded that whether the woman can be called to the ED office for investigation is also pending in the court. The letter stated that he will use all opportunities to question the injustice done to him as a representative of the legislature. In the letter, she explained that she is sending the documents requested by the ED, including the bank statement, through her representative Soma Bharat.

As a woman leader, as a citizen, it is her responsibility to ensure that the law is not violated as far as women’s rights are concerned. In the letter, MLC Kavitha clarified that being a lawmaker, it is his responsibility to ensure that there is no violation by any agency so that the rule of law is maintained. The section of the PMLA Act requires personal attendance. Notices issued under 50 CRPC Section‌ She explained in her letter that they are contrary to 160.

Soma Bharat spoke to the media that she appeared before the ED on behalf of MLC Kavitha. He said that the central faction has filed false cases against MLC Kavitha. It is alleged that they are trying to implicate Kavitha by filing illegal cases without any evidence. Bharat said that according to CRPC, women should be interrogated at home. He reminded that there are rules to inquire before 6 o’clock in the evening. It is alleged that the ED officials acted to suppress the fundamental rights of women. Bharat said that they interrogated Kavitha till half past eight in the night and defied the rules.

Bharat said that Kavitha’s phone was seized illegally and Kavitha wants to be investigated according to law. However, the ED officials did not care. He reminded that Kavitha appeared before the ED on 11th of this month respecting the law. He said that they have filed a writ petition in the Supreme Court, wanting an investigation as per the law. He said that the investigation should not be done by violating the law. They said that they have given a representation to the ED on behalf of Kavita. He said that some documents asked by ED have been provided. This is definitely a false case. He argued that the case was made with political malice. He made it clear that they will face each other in any political field.

It is untrue that Kavitha said that she is not attending the trial due to illness. He reminded that women have inalienable rights under the CRPC Act. According to fundamental rights, women and those under 16 should be interrogated at home. He said that he has submitted all the documents asked by the ED. Bharat‌ said that ED has received all the documents and acknowledged that this is a false case and will be dealt with legally. Said. He made it clear that we will go as per the orders of the Supreme Court. The notice indicated to attend the hearing on the 20th of this month! It has to be seen how Kavitha will respond to the further notices given by the ED as the Supreme Court is going to hear the petition to be heard at home on the 24th of this month! If this is the case, the special court has issued orders extending Ramachandra Pillai’s custody for 3 days. His custody was extended till March 20. Also Magunta Srinivasulu Reddy on March 18 morning. ED called for hearing at 11.00.


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