Warangal News : Warangal CP Ranganath Flexy was anointed by farmers

Warangal News : Warangal CP Ranganath Flexy was anointed by farmers

Warangal News : Warangal Police Commissioner Ranganath Flexy was anointed by the farmers. Farmers Nadem Veeraswamy and Rajyalakshmi couple anointed CP Flexi with milk in Warangal district’s Narsampet on Friday as a sign of gratitude for the justice given to them.   Farmer Veeraswamy and Rajyalakshmi couple said that they had two acres of land in the suburbs of Narsampeta, out of which twenty pits of land were sold to Banothu Sunil Naik, wife of SBI employee Banothu Anil Naik of Enugula Tanda. Since then, they have been living in someone’s boundaries.  However, Anil Naik and Sunil Naik have been pressuring them to sell another ten pits of land for some time. When they said that they will not sell the land which is their livelihood, since then they were threatened by Anil Naik, Sunil Naik along with some other people and expressed their grievances that their farm was destroyed and the boundary stones were removed. They felt that they had falsely complained to the police that they had insulted them in the name of caste.  

Cases against those who threatened them 

However, the farmer couple told Warangal Police Commissioner Ranganath about the injustice done to them. Rythu Weeraswamy said that he has ordered to investigate and register cases against those who are terrorizing them. As a result, Narsampet police have registered cases against 11 people. Farmer Veeraswamy and Rajyalakshmi couple said that CP Ranganath had done justice to them by believing in the land and cultivating it, so they anointed his flexi with milk. He also thanked the DCP Karunakar and the police. 

Payment should be made to the chit fund clients at a specified time 

  Payments to the chit fund clients should be made at the earlier prescribed time. Warangal Police Commissioner Ranganath advised the management of chit fund companies. Warangal Police Commissioner has been receiving complaints from the people on a daily basis regarding the stoppages of chit fund companies. Responding to these complaints, the police commissioner arranged a meeting with the owners of chit fund companies under Warangal Police Commissionerate on Thursday at the office of Warangal Police Commissionerate. How many chit fund clients have payments made by chit fund companies before this meeting? Also, the police commissioner asked the concerned police officers how many victims were paid by the chit fund owners in the cases registered against the chit fund organizations in the past. Also, Police Commissioner Ranganath learned the details of chit fund companies that have to pay the highest amount. In this meeting, the police commissioner also inquired about the reasons for the delay in payment of money to the clients by the chit fund organizations. For this, the chit fund companies have to pay how much amount to how many clients. Also, the chit fund companies were ordered to collect the details of the amount due from the clients and hand it over to the concerned police officers. With this information, they will hold another meeting with the chit fund company owners next Tuesday and take appropriate steps to provide justice to the chit fund victims. As a part of this, the details provided by the chit fund companies regarding the clients to whom the chit fund companies have to pay money will be placed on the Warangal Police Commissionerate website. He said that action would be taken if any other victims other than the victims in the information provided by the chit fund organizations receive complaints. CP Ranganath said that organizations should provide accurate information.  

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