TSPSC Politics: Politics around paper leak – BJP, BRS are spreading dirt!

TSPSC Politics: Politics around paper leak – BJP, BRS are spreading dirt!

TSPSC Politics :   The issue of TS PSC papers leakage is becoming a sensation in Telangana politics. It is creating a stir politically. When this case came to light, BJP Telangana President Bandi Sanjay demanded KTR’s resignation saying that BRS leaders were involved. The political controversy that started from there continues to grow. Accused A2 in this case, Rajasekhar Reddy is a BJP party worker. KTR‌ Retweet‌ did State DGP Anjani Kumar asked Twitter to conduct a proper investigation in this matter. Requested by He pointed out that the BJP as a political party is doing the most depraved acts and the current development is a proof of the party’s more depraved politics. 

Even by the very low standards of BJP, this is vulgarity at its worst

Just to malign Telangana Govt, BJP seems to have hatched a conspiracy to destroy the lives of innocent youth

I request the @TelanganaDGP Garu to inquire this matter thoroughly and bring perpetrators to… https://t.co/kZnCg0GRWH

— KTR (@KTRBRS) March 15, 2023

 He expressed anger that the BJP party is doing conspiratorial politics using the future of the unemployed youth to discredit the Telangana government in the issue of question paper leakage. He asked the DGP to conduct a proper investigation in this matter, reveal the facts and do justice to the unemployed youth. BJP is acting aggressively regarding this leakage.  KTR is responsible for the paper leakage  The IT department is responsible for the management of TSPSC computers..and Bandi Sanjay is questioning whether he will be sacked. 

BJYM leaders who were arrested in the fight over TSPSC paper leakage and are in Chanchalguda Jail on Thursday. visited  How did the actual paper leakage happen..? How was it leaked without the knowledge of TS&psc chairman..? They want to be prosecuted first.  The SIT was filed to protect the criminals. Bandi Sanjay asked what happened to the SITs filed on Miyapur lands, drugs and Naeem’s cases.  KCR Sit means Sit.. Stand means Stande. The role of KCR’s son in this whole affair is clear. There is a failure of the IT department. But KCR is not saying anything. He criticized that the new drama is being done as part of an attempt to protect his son. 

He is shamelessly accusing the role of BJP.. They say that a person named Rajasekhar is a leader of BJP.. He is an employee of Telangana State Technology Services since 2017. It is under the IT department. What have you been doing all these years? If you can identify such people, you are unfit to be a minister. At the same time, Bandi Sanjay said through a tweet that another accused, Renuka Rathod’s mother, is BRS sarpanch. 

In TSPSC paper leakage case, Renuka who Honey trapped A1 accused is associated with BRS party. Her mother is Mansoorpally BRS Sarpanch. A3 & A4 got Govt jobs bcos of BRS party. A2 was hired by TSTS. BRS does all criminal things and shamelessly blames BJP. pic.twitter.com/TTKiZ7CTL4

— Bandi Sanjay Kumar (@bandisanjay_bjp) March 16, 2023

 KCR Sarkar came under fire for being so incompetent that he can’t even conduct exams. He criticized that at least Tenth and Inter examinations are not being conducted properly. They expressed anger that they are playing with the lives of the unemployed in the name of fraudulent notifications.  

BRS and BJP are making political accusations at each other in the matter of paper leakage. 

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