TSPSC Paper Leakage: Political uproar over paper leak in Telangana – Praveen Kumar, ready for initiation, arrested, Sharmila under house arrest!

TSPSC Paper Leakage: Political uproar over paper leak in Telangana – Praveen Kumar, ready for initiation, arrested, Sharmila under house arrest!

TSPSC Paper Leakage: TSPSC Paper Leakage is causing a lot of trouble in Telangana. All the leaders are on the road demanding to clean TS‌PSC. BSP state chief RS Praveen Kumar has been arrested by the police. Sharmi was also arrested. Now Bandi Sanjay‌ are also preparing to stage a dharna. 

Paper‌ R&S demanded that the leakage case be handed over to the CBI. Praveen Kumar‌ went on hunger strike.  After the 48 hours given by Praveen Kumar to the government, Lakdikapool went on an indefinite strike at the BSP office. RS Praveen Kumar was taken into custody by the police and later taken home. 

BSP workers and fans of Praveen Kumar gathered in large numbers to show their support for Praveen Kumar’s initiation. All of them were taken into custody by the police and moved from there.  This created a tense atmosphere there. BSP activists raised slogans against the police and the government. On this occasion RS Praveen Kumar released a video. 

No matter how many arrests you make my fight will not stop. Khabaddar KCR👊 Your family is connected to the paper leaks. #TSPSC is your agents in the confidential section‌ This will be known only through CBI enquiry. Truth is like fire. All Telangana society should take note. pic.twitter.com/Yx1owVoNHU

— Dr.RS Praveen Kumar (@RSPraveenSwaero) March 17, 2023

Praveen Kumar expressed his anger that CM KCR is trying to destroy the peaceful initiation in his party office for justice to 30 lakh unemployed people through his police. They made it clear that no matter how many problems they create, they will not be initiated indefinitely under any circumstances. Along with Group-1, the question papers of the competitive exams have been leaked and those exams should be cancelled. TSPSC Chairman Janardhan Reddy immediately demanded that the candidates have lost faith in TSPSC and resign from the post. He said that the confidential section should be cleaned completely. They said that their initiation will continue till then. 

House arrest of Sharmila..!

YSRTP president Sharmila also called for agitation at TSPS. In this order, as part of the preliminary measures, the police were heavily deployed at the house of YS Sharmila. Under house arrest. In this order, YS Sharmila got into an argument with the police. 

More question papers in Praveen’s pen drive

The schedule of TS‌PSC exams to be held in the months of April and May is likely to change. . The investigation revealed that the question papers of the exams to be held soon were also in possession of the accused who was involved in the leakage of the question papers. Two days ago TS‌PSC Chairman B. Janardhan Reddy said in a press conference that new ones will be prepared in place of the already prepared question papers. Preparation and printing of new question papers may take some time. April in the background; It is known that there is a possibility of rescheduling the exams of nine types of posts scheduled by TSPSC in the month of May.

More than 60 GB of data in four pen drives.

Question papers. Sensational facts are emerging in the SIT investigation on the leakage case. The SIT is engaged in analyzing the information contained in the pen drives seized from Praveen, the personal assistant of the TSPSC secretary, who is the key accused in the case. More than 60 GB of information was revealed in four pen drives. Besides analyzing the data, the investigating officers are also focused on recovering the deleted data. It seems that during the course of preliminary investigation, the SIT got hold of key information. The seized pen drives, hard disk and cell phones have been sent to the Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL).

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