TSPSC Paper Leak: Another paper leak of TSPSC, question paper in the hand of candidates two days earlier!

TSPSC Paper Leak: Another paper leak of TSPSC, question paper in the hand of candidates two days earlier!

TSPSC Paper Leak: Every day a twist comes to light in the case of TS‌PSC papers leakage. Town‌Planning‌ Building‌ Over‌Seer‌, Veterinary Assistant‌ Not only the exam question papers but also the Assistant‌ Engineering‌ The police said that the exam paper was also leaked. Two days before the conduct of the exam, the police found that the paper was leaked. Leakage of TS‌PSC papers creates confusion. Police have already arrested 11 accused in question papers leakage. Telangana Public Service Commission employee Pravin‌, Out‌ Sourcing‌ Paper‌ along with employee Rajasekhar‌ The key mastermind behind the leak, Renuka, her husband and brother have been arrested by the police. Three candidates who bought the paper were also arrested. Assistant in the background of paper leakage‌ Engineering‌ It is known that TSPSC is planning to cancel the exam. The police is conducting a thorough investigation to find out who else has a role in this case.  

Police Collected Key Information 

TS‌PSC Paper‌ Police have collected vital information in the leakage case. While interrogating suspects on one side, cyber‌ Crime‌ Begambazar‌ Police are gathering evidence. Unrecognized people go to the server and log in. As the officials informed the police about it, the investigation is continuing in that sense. As the affair of brokers also came out, a task force was launched to hunt down the suspects. The police got involved. That is why the urban building planning supervision officer who was supposed to be held yesterday (March 12) and the veterinary assistant who was supposed to be held on the 15th of this month‌ Surgeon‌ Exam related paper‌ Leakage case is causing scandal.

11 people arrested 

Praveen, who is already a suspect in the case, is being questioned by the police. Three people who were accused of buying have also been detained and are being interrogated. The police are also interrogating four candidates who are known to have bought papers from them. A total of 11 people have been detained and are being interrogated so far.  Police found that some others are absconding in this case. A task force for them The police were deployed. Praveen, who is working as a personal assistant to TS‌PSC secretary, is reported to have told many things to the police during the investigation.  The police received preliminary information that he had conspired with three brokers for paper leakage and for this an agreement was made for Rs.10 lakhs. The police, who have identified Praveen as a key person, are inquiring whether he has committed any leaks in the past. It is known that the paper leak has become a sensation in the state. It has been decided that the exam has been postponed due to the hacking of the TSPSC server. TPBO (Town Planning Building Overseer) written yesterday (March 12). Veterinary Assistant Surgeon written exam to be conducted on 15th and 16th TSPSC has announced that the examination is being postponed. To this extent on Saturday (March 11) night commission‌ A special announcement was issued. It has been clarified that the new dates of the postponed exams will be announced soon. 


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